team femily havergal​

Ciara McGarry

President of FeMILY Havergal

Hillary Mak

Head of Publications Department

Leila Koohi

Head of Art Department

Joyce Li

Publications Department Member (Writer)

Rebecca Luo

Publications Department Member (Writer)

Jordan ---

BSS contributor to the Belladonna!

Jay Chen

Head of Technology Department

Carlotta Greiner

Publications Department Member (Illustrator)

Sara Lien

Publications Department Member (Writer)

Cindy Zhu

Publications Department Member (Writer)

Kailee Zhou

Publications Department Member (Writer)

Dorothy Poon

Havergal College Team HEaD 2018-2019

Dorothy Poon is a strong believer in gender equality. Prior to studying in Canada, she has spent most of her life in Hong Kong, China, where the idea of gender equality is seldom mentioned and celebrated. This has hugely influenced and provoked her to begin indulging herself in gender equality activities. As the chairman of FEMILY, Dorothy strives to offer the best she can in the pursuit of exploring gender inequality issues in various cultures and eventually minimizing the problem globally. With experience such as participating in the 2018 DECA provincials, taking part in the school student council and extensively involving in all forms of performing arts, she is assured to lead the excellent team of executive members in the future, on their journey to making a change in the world.

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