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Female Virtuousness Theory

By: Jenna Wu

The Female Virtuousness Theory is based on a fraction of Chinese traditional values, mainly targeting at uninformed women who are unaware of the illogical nature of the theory. This controversial topic was gained public attention recently in Xuan Ding’s speech in May 2017, who was invited to speak at the Jiujiang University. It went viral on many Chinese social media platforms and stirred up heated conversation among Chinese communities. As a matter of fact, the Female Virtuousness theory has been advertised continuously for centuries now. The theory suggests that women, once engaged in a marriage, should “never fight back, never talk back, happily accept the submissive role, and never divorce no matter what.”

Here are some points that Xuan Ding brought up in her speech:

Women who have cervical diseases are immodest

Xuan Ding claimed that all women who have cervical diseases wear revealing outfits and are promiscuous. Their “sexually appealing appearance” tend to make their husband want to have sex frequently and continuously, which eventually kills him due to “exhaustion and lack of sperms”. According to Xuan Ding, children of these women would have a big head and a thin body due to sex during pregnancy.

Women should always tolerate men

As stated in the speech, all women should tolerate men and serve their husband servilely as if he was the king. Xuan Ding explained that this belief originates from the saying “men represent the sky, and women represent the ground”; since the ground is below the sky, women can never grasp the same opportunities and dominance. Moreover, Xuang Ding claimed that women who always get abused don’t get sick easily.

“The mixture of three men’s semen is poisonous”

Another main point addressed in the speech was that a woman should only have one sex partner in her whole life, and that women would get sexually transmitted diseases if they have sex with more than one man, preferably only her husband. According to Xuan Ding, this is because when semen from three men mix together, it becomes poisonous. For this reason, women should not have sex with multiple persons as it protects the whole nation by not spreading the disease. In addition, Xuan Ding also believes that a woman’s virginity is her best possession and dedication to a marriage, and that the best prevention of STD is to forbid premarital sex.

Fortunately, as the mass citizens of China become educated and informed, people are beginning to realize how outdated and absurd the Female Virtuousness Theory is. On the other hand, the fact that the speaker was invited to a university is what made many spectators enraged. Making such a speech in a university further reflects the lack of education and unawareness in some areas of China. In addition, even today, there are Female Virtuousness Schools that advocate for such a theory. Although the Chinese government has begun to pay more attention to this issue, the existence of these schools has and is still influencing a large number of women, especially women from less developed regions of Asia.

Here is a video of Xuan Ding’s speech:

Here is an article about the Female Virtuousness School:

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