Mission Statement

This is an exhibition held in hopes of allowing more women to acknowledge the importance of feminist movements, one that is pieced together by the voices and elements from activists all over the world, with different social, cultural and racial backgrounds. 


Our April Exhibition will take on modern feminism with a global outlook: displaying artwork to reflect and explore the underlying and immediate causes of gender inequality.


Our ideology of ‘feminism for all’ is to prevent the underrepresentation of certain issues and to include women from different races, classes, and professions across-the-broad. 

In the displayed submission, artists around the world will express their interpretation of our central ‘feminism for all’ theme. We hope to emphasize that inclusive globalized feminism is an indispensable part of our discussion on modern feminism.


Amy Wong

BFA, MFA, Artist, Course Director, Feminist

Amy Wong participated in the Intersectional Feminism Art Exhibition as a special speaker!


The following introduction is taken from her website which can be found here


Often inverting private and public spaces, Wong asserts ways in which a leakiness and messiness of things can aspire towards feminist and decolonial ways of being.

Amy is an 'Angry Asian feminist disguised as an oil painter. Her practice ranges from painting-based installation to collaborative projects that explore the politics of making noise, and conditioning spaces that allow for thinking through together. She is the founder of the Angry Asian Feminist Gang (AAFG), a collective of Diaspora cultural producers dedicated to dialogue centered on Asian feminist concerns.

Wong's practice oscillates between different systems of representation to evoke non-linear, personal narratives. She often works with what she considers a bad idea or a cliché in order to redefine them on her own terms. 

Invited Speaker

Student Speakers


Grade 12 Student at The Bishop Strachan School

The following is adapted from the artist statement:


Inspired by the work of Judy Chicago, feminist artist and creator of The Dinner Party, I decided to use the shape and fluidity of the female genitalia as she did for her ceramic plate sculptures (that commemorate famous women in history in The Dinner Party). The entire piece creates such a powerful feminist narrative. Wearing it myself, I feel overwhelmingly empowered, literally wearing my own artistic portrayal of genitalia that would have, in the past, caused even greater disadvantages for myself being female.  love and appreciate how my experimentation with fabrics and fashion related to such a powerful narrative that is now being showcased with the BSS community.

Kathy He

Grade 12 Student at The Bishop Strachan School

The following is adapted from the artist statement:

My collection of works, labeled 睡 (Shui), 洗(xi), and 错 (cuo) respectively to the Chinese characters in the three components, are representations of personal experience growing up as a Chinese female in both predominantly white and predominantly ethnic communities. 

As the artist, my greatest challenge came in the thinking process of making a  work with the intention of best representing personal Asian feminity for the FeMILY project - what I realized instead, as I began to work is incomplete in being able to do so, and that I wish for it to be. My piece is in no way able to show the Chinese-Canadian experience to completion, for myself self and less so as a means of representing an entire community. It is, as stated, an "excerpt" of my own personal connection with myself and my identity.


Concepts Addressed

Asian Feminity
The Fetishization & Over-sexualization of Asian Women
Female Virtuousness
Appreciation of Femininity

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