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Founded by high school students Jasmine Lai, Dorothy Poon, and Lilian Chiu, FEMILY is a youth-run campaign advocates for gender equality based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


Team FEMILY consists of enthusiastic, passionate executive members from three well-known all-girls' private schools in Toronto: Havergal College, Branksome Hall and The Bishop Strachan School along with different volunteering members who help us to shape a better community. Together, we explore and explain gender inequality within different cultures, raising the awareness of these issues as to achieve our mission of minimizing gender inequality in our society.


We believe that the fight towards gender equality is essential, and this cannot be achieved without diversity or unity globally. 


We understand globalization comes significant in 21st century, and there we are obligated to work globally especially in Asia to change the status quo of gender roles in less developed places.


We understand now is the time to make the change, and together we will be able to shape the world into a better, friendly and inclusive place. 


- Team FeMILY

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