Meeting our 


Meet FeMILY's Executive Board Members, including our Team Leaders: Lilian Chiu and Cass McGarry.

The development of Board 

In early 2018, Jasmine Lai came up with the idea of starting a campaign that advocates for gender equality and immediately shared this idea with Dorothy Poon (FeMILY HC Director 2018-19) and Lilian Chiu (FeMILY BSS 2018 - current). Together, the executive board of FeMILY was established.


Starting in 2019, Lilian Chiu, head of FeMILY BSS, took on the role of FeMILY's president. She foresees the progress of all three schools and initiates, plans and hosts events at BSS with her team. This year, Cass Mcgarry joined and became the president of FeMILY Havergal College this year. Leading team Havergal, Cass works along with team BSS to the FeMILY champaign and spread awareness about gender equality. 

The three original directors of FeMILY all come from three different independent, all-girls schools in Toronto, where they have started to invite more and more passionate and enthusiastic girls from their school to join the crew. Today, FeMILY consists of nine awesome executive members from Canada and established international chapters worldwide; however, the early board members have never forgotten their early mission: minimizing gender inequality issues globally.

Our Responsibilities

FEMILY's goal is to provoke discussion among youth around the world and assist everyone in making their independent informed decisions. Together as a team of board members, we take on the responsibility of planning projects in achieving our goal while following our mission and objective. As the team leaders, we also guide and offer support to our executive members, helping them to achieve their full capacity within their roles. Together as a whole, we work closely together while synthesizing different ideas to influence our community and beyond.

our executive board team
Cass mcgarry


Head of team bss

Head of Team havergal

Lilian Chiu
Our Executive Board team, Headquartered in Toronto 

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