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On April 02, 2019, the FeMILY Intersectional Feminism Art Exhibition (IFAE) successfully kicked off with a speaker-centered evening event at the Bishop Strachan School (BSS). This event had an attendance of more than 80 people, including parents, teachers, staff as well as students from BSS, Havergal College, and Branksome Hall. Having been greeted by our friendly Team FeMILY members and led through the red carpet aisle, the guests were then introduced to the main exhibition area. The artworks were displayed in the new building area of BSS, providing guests with a great visual experience throughout the whole exhibition. The location was divided into a greeting area, and three other main sections with different themes. Moreover, each guest speaker has her own designated space to display her artworks. A variety of art forms were displayed in the exhibition, including digital art, photography, sculpture, short movie, music and fashion design. Last but not least, the desserts and beverages provided were highly praised by multiple guests. 


Even during weeks before the exhibition, students and teachers were very excited about this unprecedented event. "It's very impressive that Team FeMILY decided to use such a special method to address the idea of intersectional feminism, which is a concept that more people should know about ", acclaimed Mr. Lea, the Senior School Principal at BSS. During the events, multiple audiences expressed that they were introduced to many unique ideas around feminism that they have never thought of. For example, a student from Havergal College commented on a video by an international artist, "the idea of the wives serving their husbands as 'maids' subconsciously in today's society is very interesting. I will definitely look into feminism in cultures outside the western world in the future." Moreover, many parents were very impressed by the amazing art skills the student artists presented. "I cannot believe that such an amazing piece was created by my daughter's classmate", a parent was fascinated by an abstract digital art piece, "the visual and the message behind it are incredible!"

Feminism has become a popular concept at HC. After attending this exhibition, I started to explore more about feminism because it is misunderstood as a request for privileged right for women. The true definition of this concept is simply the equality between men and women still hasn't achieved. Aside, the idea of intersection is really intriguing because it makes feminism more inclusive to women of all races and social statuses, rather than limiting this concept to Caucasian women of upper middle class

- Cindy, Student of Harvegal College

I thought is was a really good representation of different cultures and also helped me relate to things normal girls don't think of as problems 

- Serina, Student of Havergal College

FeMILY allowed me to connect to the roots of my heritage. To not necessarily condemn it for its social or gender iniquities, but to appreciate it for waht it is, and dream of something better for the future.

- Keying Sun, FeMILY HC Executive Member

Your students were wonderful ambassadors for the work and the initiative; the opportunity for our students to see the work was tremendous. They came back inspired and we had some great chats about art, feminism and intersctionality. Many of the pieces we saw were the catalyst for this.

Tanay Naik, Teacher of Havergal College 

Your choices of work and artists to include were really celever  and the overall show looks outsatnding. But my favourite part of the entire experience was seeing all of the attendees intently listening to the students talk about their work. Thank you for creating this experience for our community!

- Mr. Lea, Senior School Principal of The Bishop Strachan School

You girls did a marvelous thing in bringing this exhibition to the school, with a clear theme, and garnering such support from beyond BSS. Thank you so much!

- Dr. Terpstra, Head Principal of The Bishop Strachan School

The art exhibition educated me on the cultures and concerns of women around the world. The different art styles and mediums made the exhibit intriguing; it was nice to see more Asian representation too.

Mays A., Student of The Bishop Strachan School

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